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Welcome to Executive Alliance

Executive Alliance is the organization of choice in the State of Maryland for connecting accomplished women on a professional and personal level to expand their impact and influence in the board room, the community, and in the leadership of businesses, civic organizations, and government.

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kera ritter

Kera Ritter

Executive Alliance member Kera Ritter is part of the GBC 2022 Leadership class, which brings a diverse cohort together to learn about leadership in the Greater Baltimore area in a year-long program.Looking for board members? Executive Alliance connects organizations with a talented pool of women professionals interested in serving on nonprofit and corporate boards.
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Thought Leadership

executive alliance
8 Statistics Showing the Value of Trust to Small Business Success

There is one foundational quality that every business needs to succeed: trust. It’s what keeps customers coming back, and it transforms patrons into brand champions who recommend your business to their friends and family. Employee engagement, customer…

thought leadership
The Benefits of Guest Blogging

Executive Alliance is excited to announce that we’re providing a new benefit for our members. Thought leadership is important to many women who are part of our network, which is why we want to provide a platform…

Executive Alliance DEI&B Task Force Update

The Executive Alliance Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belong task force had its first meeting today so I wanted to share some thoughts coming out of that meeting.  Sometimes when I start writing or at least beginning to…

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